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Our Charter
We (‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ in these Booking Conditions means Laja Events Pty Ltd ACN 637 823 502 trading as ‘New To You Markets’) are committed to providing an environment that is enjoyable and safe for all members of the public, stallholders, staff and any volunteers.
The aim of the market is to provide a venue for the sale of second-hand clothing and accessories.
Our aim is to:

  • encourage the reusing and repurposing of second-hand clothing and accessories;
  • foster community engagement in recycling clothing; and
  • foster a space for the trade in second-hand clothing and accessories at a grass roots level.

We are committed to ensuring a safe, clean and pleasant environment for all stallholders and customers that may frequent the market. We do not accept any behaviours that are negative. The following are examples of behaviours that are not acceptable that may result in the removal of the stallholder (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • any behaviour that does not align with the above aims;
  • not following or obeying any reasonable direction from us;
  • any behaviour that can be reasonably viewed as being disruptive and interferes with the peace and enjoyment of the market from a stallholder’s or customer’s perspective;
  • use of language and behaviour which is offensive, threatening or harassing; and
  • theft or vandalism.

We may issue verbal warnings if any undesirable behaviour or action continues. We reserve the right to remove a stallholder who is in breach and makes no attempt, ignores or continues to breach despite warnings. We consider providing three verbal warnings as sufficient and reasonable grounds to remove any stallholder.

Market Hours
The market will be open to the public from 10am to 3pm. Stallholders agree to have their stalls set up by 10am and to not start to pack down their stall until after 3pm.

A ‘stall’ is an open/blank space, which will be numbered and designated to a ‘stallholder’ and identified on the floor by markings. The measurement of the stall size and the price per stall will vary between venues and will be detailed in the ‘book your stall’ section of the website.
Full payment is required at time of booking to secure your stall at your chosen market date and venue. Stall fees are non-refundable should you cancel your stall, not arrive in time to set up or no-show. You may transfer your stall to someone else if you can no longer make it, however you will need to communicate this to us at least 14 days in advance of the booked market date. Requests for transfers within 14 days of the booked market will be at our discretion. Only one transfer will be allowed.
If sharing a stall between friends, please advise how many stallholders are allocated to your stall.
At some venues, stallholders will have access to parking, however this will be limited to only one car per stall.
Stallholders agree to be mindful of their neighbouring stallholders and to not impinge on other stallholders’ allocated space or into the walkways.
Stallholders agree to not affix anything to the venue walls, floor or ceiling.
Stallholders agree to not place any racks, signs or other items outside their allocated stall space.
Stallholders are not allowed to use loud speakers or any amplified sound.

COVID-19 Cancellation/Postponement
If Government restrictions and safety measures for the COVID-19 pandemic are extended so as to prohibit the Market from proceeding. We will roll over the stall holders payment to the next possible New To You Market.

Full payment is required at time of booking to secure any hanging racks you require at your chosen market date. Racks must be booked at least 7 days in advance of the market date. Rack fees are non-refundable should you cancel your rack, not arrive in time to set up or no-show. You may transfer your rack to someone else if you can no longer make it, however you will need to communicate this to us at least 14 days in advance of the booked market date. Requests for transfers within 14 days of the booked market will be at our discretion. Only one transfer will be allowed.

Items for sale
New To You Markets is for the sale of pre-loved or pre-owned women’s clothing and accessories, and/or items which have been repurposed/refashioned out of any item of clothing or fabric and accessories. Any variation to this will be at the market management’s discretion.
Any stallholder who is observed to be setting up to sell anything other than women’s clothing and accessories, or items made from repurposed/refashioned clothing or fabric will be asked to leave with no refund being available.
No pre-owned underwear to be offered for sale. Bras, swim suits, slips, etc are acceptable.
No opened or partially used cosmetics, haircare or skincare products to be offered for sale.
Stallholders agree to present their goods in a clean state, while acknowledging the condition to be ‘as/is’ and pre-loved/pre-owned.

Stallholders agree to adhere to any specific instructions provided by market management in relation to what can or cannot be fixed to the market venue’s internal or external walls or on the floor. As a general rule, this relates to not fixing anything to walls with tape, glue, nails, etc or scraping/dragging anything along the floor which could damage or scratch the surface. If you damage the venue in any way you will be held responsible for all costs to rectify the damage.

Set up/Break down Procedures
Stallholders agree to adhere to market management’s directions regarding set up/break down procedures and timings. These will be provided in writing to stallholders 7 days prior to the booked market date. Stallholders agree to read this material and familiarise themselves with the procedures. If there are any questions, please contact market management.
No stallholders will be permitted into the venue to set up within 30 minutes of the advertised market opening time. There are no refunds if you are unable to arrive to the market in time for set up.
No children under 12 years of age to be on site during set up/break down.
Market staff and management will be on site during set up/break down to provide assistance where required and will be wearing high-vis vests.

Stallholders agree to take their rubbish with them at the end of the day and dispose of it in an appropriate manner. The market does not have the facility to dispose of stallholders’ rubbish

Advertising Materials
Stallholders agree not to display any third-party advertising materials in their stalls or anywhere on the venue. If there are found to be any third-party advertising materials we reserve the right to remove them.

Stallholders agree to take all possible care in the setting up of their stall to ensure their own safety and that of any person entering their stall space. The stallholder agrees to occupy and use the stallholder area at the stallholder’s own risk and releases us to the full extent permitted at law from all claims and demands of any kind and from all liability in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss or damage by the stallholder.
The stallholder indemnifies us and our employees and volunteers from and against any claim or action by any third party which may be brought against or made on or incurred by any of them in connection with:

  • the operation of the market;
  • the sale of any goods or services;
  • injury or harm caused to any property or person as a direct or indirect consequence in whole or in part of any act or omission including loss or damage to the stallholder’s goods and property regardless of the cause of that loss or damage;
  • the death of any person as a consequence in whole or part of any act or omission by the stallholder, its agents or employees;
  • a negligent or unlawful act or omission of the stallholder, its agents and employees; and
  • breach of these terms and conditions.

Dispute Resolution
Should there be any issues during the course of the market, stallholders agree to raise them with market management immediately so that they can be addressed.
If a stallholder forms the reasonable belief that they are negatively impacted by the conduct, action or behaviour of another stallholder we will take steps to resolve as necessary. This may include talking to each party, negotiating an outcome and if required holding a mediation session between stallholders.

Privacy and Consent
We will be collecting your personal information during the ‘Book a Stall’ process. This information is required by us in order to deliver the booked services to you as well as advising you of future market dates and news via our newsletters. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. No personal information or contact data is onsold or shared with any third parties.
By booking in as a stallholder you consent to us taking photographs of you, your stall and/or stallholder goods to use in promotional materials, including any form of social media. Please advise us in writing at [email protected] if you do not grant us permission to do this (be sure to include your stall number and market date/venue).

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